The Founder’s Bootcamp by Kleros is an 8 week intensive, builder focused program to help teams/founders build from 0-1. After supporting projects via the Kleros Incubator for 3 years now, we understand of the kind of projects that succeed and have launched the bootcamp to nurture founders and teams from early on to improve chances of success.

<aside> 🚨 The Founder’s Bootcamp has come to an end! Find the participant decks and projects below 👇🏻


Participant decks and pitches

🧑🏻‍💻 Who can apply

We encourage anybody with an idea in web3 or past experience working with a web3 project to apply.

This of course isn’t strict criteria, but given that this is an 8 week intensive bootcamp with focus on building a 0-1 web3 product, prior experience/exposure in the space is recommended.

We have a Developer Garden with spaces/ideas we’re excited about to serve as inspiration for builders. Your idea need not be restricted to these.

💑 Founder Matchmaking

We will facilitate a founder matchmaking space designed to connect builders. Through this, you may find like-minded degens with complementary skills and expertise to create a strong and diverse founding team. (We’re happy to catalyze this match-making with our suggestions)

Note: If you’re aware of what expertise you lack to bring your project to life, we strongly advise you to look for complementary co-founders ASAP.

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